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Banking Awareness MCQs for RRB PO/Clerk Mains(September 14, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,

In very banking examinations, Banking Awareness section plays a pivotal role in scoring good marks in the section. It is very relevant for all the examinations. So, we at Bsc4success are providing important Banking Awareness MCQs on the daily basis, which will certainly aid your preparation. Make most of it.

1. A Non Resident Rupee (NRE) account can be opened by any person who is residing outside India. Which of the following is NOT a facility attached to NRE accounts?

1) NRIs can hold and maintain foreign currency earnings in Indian rupees.
2) All the funds, along with the accrued interest, are freely repatriable.
3) The interest earned is not taxable in India.
4) KYC norms are not applicable on NRE accounts.
5) All the above

2. MIPs are funds that are inclined towards debt and are best suited to people who are skeptical about schemes that involve high risk and are looking to park their savings in a safer scheme. The term MIPs stands for

1) Minimum Income Plans
2) Maximum Income Plans
3) Monthly Income Plans
4) Maturity Income Plans
5) None of these

3. UBS AG is one of the biggest banks of which of the following countries?

1) Sweden
2) Spain
3) Switzerland
4) Singapore
5) South Africa

4. The Export–Import Bank (Exim Bank) of India is the premier export finance institution in India, established in 1982 under Export-Import Bank of India Act 1981. Which of the following is NOT an area to which the bank finances?

1) SME and Agro Finance
2) Film financing
3) Line of credit
4) Corporate Finance
5) None of these

5. The Indian Financial System Code (IFS Code or IFSC) is an11-character alphanumeric code that facilitates electronic funds transfer in India. The first four alphabetic characters represent the bank name and the last six represent the branch. What does the fifth character in the code denote?

1) The city in which the branch is located
2) Just a random number between 1 and 10
3) The type of the bank
4) Whether the branch is urban or rural
5) 0 (zero), reserved for future use

6. The Deutsche Bundesbank is the central bank of which of the following countries?

1) Netherlands
2) Sweden
3) France
4) Germany
5) New Zealand

7. With an aim to handle senior-level appointments in public sector banks (PSBs) and improve their governance, the BBB was formed in

1) 2013
2) 2014
3) 2015
4) 2016
5) 2017

8. The public sector lender UCO Bank posted loss in the Mar quarter for the sixth straight quarter. The bank is headquartered in

1) Allahabad
2) Chennai
3) Bengaluru
4) Kolkata
5) Mumbai

9. The high net non-performing assets (NNPA) and negative return on assets (ROA) recently led the RBI to invoke Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) on

1) Syndicate Bank
2) Bank of Baroda
3) Canara Bank
4) IDBI Bank
5) Corporation Bank

10. What causes the Appreciation of a Currency?

1) Increase in the demand of a particular currency.
2) Decrease in the supply of a particular currency.
3) Increase in the supply of a particular currency.
4) Decrease in the demand of a particular company.
5) None of these

  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 3
  4. 5
  5. 5
  6. 4
  7. 4
  8. 4
  9. 4
  10. 1


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