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Descriptive English

Handy Tips to Write an Essay for GIC Re/BOB/SBI PO

2 days ago 0 comments

Essay topic is very important to talk about when it comes to 'The Descriptive section' of Competitive Exams. So, after mugging up a lot of important poi

Descriptive English for GIC Re/BOB PGDBF/SBI PO Mains

2 days ago 0 comments

Dear Aspirants, Now a days, the Descriptive test is an important part of each and every Exam. In most of the examinations, there is a Descriptive P

Trending Essay Topics for NABARD & SSC CGL

1 month ago 0 comments

Dear Aspirants,

With the changing pattern of the MCQ questionnaire, it is much anticipated that there may be changes in the current Descriptive porti

Vision SBI PO_2015 Question Paper(Descriptive)

1 year ago 0 comments

Essay (Any 1):-

(a) Pros & Cons of implementation of “One Rank One Pension”.

(b) Ethical problems of E – Commerce.

(c) India’s over dep

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