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How to Prepare for Banking Interviews(January 25, 2018)

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Interview Etiquette

Many of you are going to face the IBPS CWE PO/MT-VII Interviews in Jan/Feb 2018, and you must have searched “Interview Tips for Banks” so many times in Google and perhaps many sites that you have opened must have given you so much data to cram. And that certainly creates confusion as they just provides you with the list of numerous topics like Payments Banks, GST, GDP, PCA, Budget, Banking Terms, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, each type of securities etc. etc. which obviously is superfluous from Interview point of view, these are important but not much as the Interview mainly focus on what type of attitude you have and what is needed in Bank. Meanwhile you miss some of the Important topics which you are supposed to know but due to the “N” number of feeds available to you, You don’t get enough time to even look at this “RELEVANT Interview” question.

So, in order to lead you in the right direction and make you completely ready for the Interview, we are sharing you some of the hidden questions which are most commonly asked in Banking Interview. It will surely boost your preparation for the recent Interviews for which you all are preparing vigorously. 

1. Be Comfortable

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

We cannot be comfortable without our own mind being comfortable. We are what we think, and this quote is simply pointing this out. If we are uncomfortable in our own mind, we won’t ever find a way to become comfortable.

Don’t feel guilty about anything. Most of the aspirants make a common mistake that they develop guilt after looking at other aspirants. It can be anything like their better profile, lots of things in the CV, their better attempts etc. And there are other problems like your neighbour has a high earning or a good job and there is a lot of pressure on you. These things make the aspirants low on confidence level and the mind becomes uncomfortable and when the mind becomes uncomfortable, it shows on  your body language, your facial expressions, your tone, the colour of your skin ( it becomes pale) and this is disastrous.  You have cleared a tough exam and there are lakhs who haven’t. That’s  a pretty good achievement so maintain a fact in your mind that your chances of being selected is as good as the chances of the other aspirant who may have lots of things in his CV or who had made a 150 attempt. Don’t belittle your achievements and believe in yourself.

So the first rule is to be comfortable. Be comfortable in your mind, Be comfortable with your achievements, Believe in yourself and stay away from negative people and negative attitude. Israelmore Ayivor has made pretty clear that who are the negative people.

7 things negative people will do to you. They will…

1. Demean your value!

2. Destroy your image!

3. Drive you crazily!

4. Dispose your dreams!

5. Discredit your imagination!

6. Deframe your abilities and

7. Disbelieve your opinions!

Stay away from negative people!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

2. Know your interview

First of all, you must remember what the Banks want in the candidate. The bank wants someone who will not shy away from work and will not leave the Bank.

Secondly, make a list of the kind of questions and put them into groups.

  1. Introduction and Personal Questions
  2. WHY Bank PO?
  3. Graduation related questions
  4. Banking related questions
  5. Other Current Affairs questions
  6. HR related questions

These are the groups where all the questions belong to. And other than that you must remember two points.

1. The interview is not going to take a lot of time. It takes about 10-15 Minutes so the panel don’t have the time to ask from each section.

2. There will be a lot of cross- questioning so you must know what you are speaking about otherwise they will confuse you in your own answers.

Now we will cover each topic one by one.

1. Introduction

Nowadays many interviewers don’t ask the standard question i.e. Tell me something about yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t prepare this answer. It must be prepared and it should be at the tip of your tongue.

Normally the interviewer don’t ask it directly but they will ask about your parents and about your native place, your school, your college etc and you must not fumble on these questions. so prepare this answer and you must know about the following things

  • Your native place and State: Population, area, nearby tourist spots, famous for etc
  • Occupation of your parents: Where he works, the department etc
  • College city and School City: famous for, your Principal, Vice chancellor etc
  • Work experience: If you have any
  • Meaning of your name

2. Why Bank PO?

It’s the most important question of the interview and if you answer it then half the battle is won. They can ask you that you have this degree (BBA, B.A., B. Sc or post graduation. nowadays it is mostly B.Tech) then why do you want to be a Bank PO?

Answer- Tell them about your degree and then briefly tell them about the lack of job scenario or scope and then tell them that your graduation will help you in the Banking sector ( Find out yourself how it will help)( Don’t ever say that your degree is useless) and after that tell them that why Banking interests you-

  • Career growth, Salary and lots of privileges
  • Tell them about the job satisfaction, its serving the nation, You”ll be part of something that will help the people to get out of the clutches of evil moneylenders and help in the financial inclusion of the people. ( You can add many points on this)

Remember make a good answer and be ready to take the cross-questioning so use such terms that you already know about.

3. Graduation related questions

The Panel is really experienced and will be of different backgrounds so don’t think that they will know nothing about your graduation field. So you must be prepared on this. And it doesn’t mean you have to study your graduation books. Just do two things

  • Just revise the topics briefly
  • Give importance to that topic of your graduation which is in news or is of some importance to the Banking.( A software engineer must know the software the bank uses)

4. Banking related questions

We will provide you with the PDFs of Banking related questions shortly. Go through them. Here we have given yout the list of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Types of Banks (Also remember the names of all type of Banks)

2. Job Hierarchy( Assistant Manager- Deputy Manager- Manager- Chief Manager, we will have this in the PDF or you can google it)

3. Schemes for Financial Inclusion( Jan Dhan Yojana etc)

4. CMD, location etc of your preferred Bank

And in this section, there can be Situatonal questions like

  1. What are the two points that make you better PO than people sitting outside?
  2. Which bank would you chose to open and A/C and why?
  3. What will you do when a poor rural person comes to open an A/C without having any KYC documents.

5. Other Current Affairs Question

Chances are very less that the panel will ask you questions from this topic because of the paucity of time. But you must be safe. Make a list of all the current affairs of the week and if you have more time then make a list for the month and go through each topic briefly. You can go through our Daily GA dose to get some help.

6. HR Related Questions

  1. What are your strengths and weakness?
  2. Where do you see after 10 years?
  3. What is the meaning of excellence to you? When will you consider yourself a successful person?
  4. Do you consider yourself a creative person? If yes, how will find job satisfaction in banking sector, where rules and procedures have to be adhered strictly?
  5. What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Does a leader need to be a good manager too?

It can be anything and you cannot prepare each and every question but please maintain that your answer must always contain positivity without an ounce of neagtive thoughts. Even if you answering a question about your weakness, also add that how you have improved and you are consistently and persistently working on it.

Therefore the key is Positivity



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