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IBPS CRP RRBs-VII Online Mock Launched(June 11, 2018)

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IBPS CRP RRBs-VII Online Mock Launched

Golden Opportunity for all Aspirants

Dear Aspirants,

With the Official Notification of IBPS RRBs, IBPS examination season has been kicked off. This means lots of examinations are in queue one after another. Time has come to propel yourself so that your hard work too will propel in the exam. This is the time to give it your best shot. As if you will give best shot then it will definitely award with the best. In this year, there are in total 10,000 plus vacancies for various posts under CRP RRBs-VII.

Prepare and keep practicing from now only then you will be awarded with the Ultimate Success for which you all are waiting. Your hard work will definitely propel you to a speed so fast that good luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like you. These exams are your opportunity at proving your worth to everyone around you. Grab it and do your best, don’t let it pass through. 

For boosting you preparation, BSC Academy has launched Online Mock Test with an affordable pack @Rs. 300, @Rs. 300 and @Rs. 450 for IBPS RRBs exam (Based on the New Pattern) christened as “IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims”, “IBPS RRB PO Prelims” & “IBPS RRB Prelims Combo”, which gives you access to 20, 20 and 40 Full-length Mock Tests, alongwith 5 Previous Paper in each and 20, 20 and 40 sectional tests, respectively for the Prelims exam. You can get it from our BSC Academy Website.

Note- The first Test will be live from today (Jun 08) itself.

How to avail Mock Test:-

Step I- Go to https://bscacademy.com/

Step II- Log In if you have an account else Sign Up with your email/Mobile No. as your ID and create a Password.

Step III- Go to Mock Test → Banking

Step IV- Locate “IBPS RRB PO Prelims”, “IBPS RRB Clerk Prelims” or “IBPS RRB Prelims Combo”

Step V- Click on “Add to Cart”

Step VI- Pay the respective Amount

Step VII- Go to My Dashboard in your Account and Start Test



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