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IBPS PO-VII Interview Experience (Abhishek Srivastava)(February 6, 2018)

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IBPS PO-VII Interview Experience (Abhishek Srivastava)

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS CWE PO/MT-VII Interview is in progress and most of you have already appeared and many of you are going to appear for the Interview. Interview experiences give you an insight of what questions were asked during the time of Interview, How the panel members interact? 

Today we are sharing you with the Interview Experience of one of our ardent readers, Abhishek Srivastava.


Qualifications : B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Interview Date: Feb 03, 2018
Interview Time: 8:30 AM
Venue of Interview: Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow
Panel: 1
I reached the location at 8 Am, which means before the scheduled time. Verification of Document happened followed by Bio-metric and everything went smoothly​. I was Allotted Room No. 11 in the Interview sequence.
My turn came at 11 AM.
I entered the room with a gentle smile and sought permission and thanked them.
Total Members: 5 (4 Males and 1 Female)
Good morning Ma’am and Good morning Sirs’
(eye contact with each panel member)
M1: Introduce Yourself (Family Background, Qualifications and Extracurricular activities)
Me: Introduced!
M1: Do you play any National Sport? Since you have good Personality, you must be a Footballer!
Me: Thanks for the compliment sir but I don’t play National Sport though I am fond of Cricket.
M2: By your appearance you seem to be working somewhere! (discussing among themselves that I have got a dominant personality)
Me: I have worked in a Tech Support Company that I got through my Campus Placement.
M3: Why did you leave?
Me: Answered my reasons!
M1: What have you come prepared in Banking section? 
Me: I have tried to cover almost everything, you may ask and I’ll try answering.
M1: Types of Cheques?
Me: Answered.
F1: Elaborate Bearer and Order Cheque and What do those transverse lines indicate?
Me: Answered.
Me: Answered with confidence.
M1: What is Endorsement?
Me: Answered.
M3: Why is the cabin of a Manager kept separate?
Me: Elaborated but they were expecting some other response.
M4: IBPS stands for?
Me: Very confidently answered ‘Institute of Banking Personnel Selection’.
M1: Why is your preferred bank different from the bank in which you hold your savings a/c?
Me: My preference is Allahabad Bank since it is the oldest Joint Stock Bank (150 years old) and it’s Tagline fascinates me.
M1: If you have any issues with the bank, what step would you take?
Me: Told about Banking Ombudsman Scheme.
M2: What did you observe on the Notice Board while your last visit in a Bank?
Me: Business Hours, Various Schemes etc.
Ok Thank You, we are done with you!
Me: Thanks all the Members and left the Room with a gentle smile. 
Overall it was a very good experience. I inferred that few qualities such as Confidence, Basic Banking Awareness, how you carry Yourself etc matter during the Interview.
All the best to the Aspirants!!


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