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IBPS RRB Scale-I Interview Experience 2017(December 25, 2017)

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IBPS RRB Scale-I Interview Experience 2017

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS CRP RRBs-VII Interview is in progress and most of you have already appeared and many of you are going to appear for the Interview. Interview experiences give you an insight of what questions were asked during the time of Interview, How the panel members interact? 

Today we are sharing you with the Interview Experience of one of our ardent readers, Abhilash Mishra.

Name- Abhilash Mishra

Venue – Hotel Gagan Residency, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Date –  Dec 23, 2017

Time – 1.00 PM

Panel- I

First of all, biometric and document verification was done.

In the interview room, there were 6 members in total, 5 of them are male and one female member. They all were sitting in C shape. 

I wished all of them Good Afternoon.

M1 (must be head)- Tell us about your family.

Me- Answered.

M1- How many members are there in your family?

Me- Answered.

M1 – Which subject is your honors paper?

Me – Physics.

M1- What is Archemedes Principle?

Me- Answered.

M1- What is specific gravity?

Me- Answered.

M1- Then they asked me, where are you from?

Me- Agra

M2- Oh, you are from Agra. What Agra is famous for?

Me- I answered, Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Mehtab Bagh Shahjahan garden, Akbar ka makhbara and Fatehpur sikri.

M2- Are you forgetting one place?

Me- Sorry Sir, I don’t know sir. 

M2(in English)- Agra ka Pagalkhana

All members started laughing.

M1- What is PCA?

Me- Answered and they satisfied.

M1- Recently, in which bank PCA has been imposed?

Me- Bank of India and United bank of India. 

M3- What is NPA? 

Me- Answered and they all satisfied from my answer. 

F1- What is your hobby? 

Me- Cricket.

F1- Which player you like the most? 

Me- Answered.

M4- What is the weight of cricket ball? 

Me- Answered.

M5- Do you know about Pink ball? 

Me- Answered.

M1- Thank you Mishraji  you can go now.

F1- Good Abhilash and All the Best. 

Me- Thanks Ma’am & Sirs’ and have a good day all of you.

It was a nice interview. My Interview was of 15 minutes. All the panel members were very friendly.

We wish Abhilash Mishra, All the Best. 


We work hard day and night to help you succeed.


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