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Interview Experience – Gursimrat Dhillon (BOI Credit Officer)(September 19, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,

Interview of Bank of India Credit Officer is over now. And one of our aspirants, Gursimrat Dhillon has just faced the Interview Process of Bank of India (BOI) Credit Officer. Here is the Interview Experience :

Name – Gursimrat Dhillon

Educational Qualifications – MBA in 2011

Category – General

Interview Date – Aug 07, 2018

Interview Panel – There were 4 Males and 1 Female.

Interview Time Duration – 15-18 minutes

Reached the venue little bit late by ten minutes. We were initially made to
sit in one class room and biometric attendance completed. After that document verification started.
One Sardar uncle was there, he was very kind. He just checked all my photocopies and then I asked him whether I need to show originals or not. He calmly said “tum jhuth thode na bologe”. This made me very
relaxed. First huddle crossed finally.

Attire – I was confused between formals and kurta. I had decided to wear shirt-trouser but on the day of my interview, switched to pajam-kurta-dupatta. Now feeling proud on my last moment correct decision.

Background:- Done MBA in 2011, later joined ICICI Bank Ltd and there worked for almost five years. Also, JAIIB and CAIIB qualified.

I was second in the interview list, was called very early.
I asked May I come in before entering and saw huge army of interview members. Wished them all turn by turn.

Main Member 1:- So you are Gursimrat, don’t you think it should be GursimraN?
Me:- Sir I belong to Sikh family so its GursimraT.

M1:- Where are you from?
Me:- I am basically from Punjab (Jalandhar).

M1:- Where in Jalandhar
Me:- Sir near Urban estate, he instantly asked near Garha? (I smiled surprisingly). But after getting married I got shifted to Surat Gujarat.

M1:- Arey itni dur kaha phuch gaye. So, Surat is famous for what?
Me:- Sir it’s a textile hub, diamond hub, nearly 90% of world’s diamonds are polished here. It’s a financial capital of Gujarat. Most safest and GDP rate is 4 lakh, literacy rate is 79% bla bla.

M1:- What’s the difference between Punjab and Gujarat?
Me :- I said in terms of safety of girls, Gujarat is more safer than Punjab and customers are more aware regarding banking products in Gujarat.

M1:- You are MBA in finance? Not Marketing or HR?
Me:- Yes Sir I have completed my post graduation as MBA finance from Guru Nanak Dev Univesity, Amritsar.

M1:- So how this city derived its name?
Me:- Sir Amritsar is famous for Golden temple, the sarovar which it has, city got its name from that.

M1:- Are you sure, any other famous place of Amritsar?
Me:- Sir I have visited Jaliawala bagh also.

M1:- What’s its importance?
Me:- Sir, General Diar shot many Indians and then later Shahid Udham Singh took his revenge and shot him dead.

M1:- In which year did it happen?
Me:- Sir it might be before Independence but don’t know the exact year.

M1:- Have you read History?
Me:- I politely refused No Sir.

M1:- What is take out financing?
Me:- Sir, when institutional investors come and lend money for big infrastructural projects. (He said no not this). I again repeated my answer then he asked next question.

M1:- What is inter bank participation?
Me:- Sir, when one bank in need of money approaches another bank that is called inter bank lending.

M1:- How one bank can be in need of money?
Me:- Sir, it can be due to any reason. If a bank is in shortage of funds.

M1:- So, you are somewhat near to the answer. Ok tell me what are incoterms.
Me:- Sir, International Commercial Terms. These are set by ICC to regulate export and import.

M1:- What is CERSAI?
Me:- Sir, its credit registry of financial assets and enforcement of security interest. It’s a common data of borrowers shared by many banks. Earlier what used to happen was on same asset, borrowers used to take loan from many banks. So common data is created.

M1:- Ok Good, so from 2011 you are sitting idle? (I completed my MBA in year 2011). The adjoining member nudged him that she has experience of ICICI.
Me:- No No Sir, I started off my career in ICICI Bank Ltd as customer service officer and there I have worked for almost five years. I got relieved from ICICI services on July 2017.

M1:- That’s great so why you left the job?
Me:- Sir, actually after my marriage, my mother-in-law had to undergo some major surgery of her knees. So all the responsibility lied on my husband and me. So, I decided to quit my job in order to look after her. For a moment I got very disheartened but then my family encouraged me that when you are already JAIIB certified, CAIIB certified then why to waste your certifications, so I started preparing for govt. examinations.

Then lady member started asking

M2:- Who publishes GDP of India.
Me:- Ma’am, its published by Central Statistical Office. Its under Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

M2:- So, where is its headquarters?
Me:- New Delhi (She looked satisfied).

M2:- Who has been appointed new speaker of Pakistan?
Me:- (I was not aware). I said Imran Khan?

M2:- No no it’s a lady. Its in today’s newspaper. Have you read today’s newspaper?
Me:- I had read but only the banking page. I politely said sorry Ma’am don’t know.

Then one more Sardar ji Sir started asking. He was sitting at the corner.
M3:- What is repo rate, reverse repo, bank rate?
Me:- I answered all as all concepts were very much clear. He then asked which rate is lower repo or reverse repo. I said few days back RBI announced new rates, reverse repo is always set 20-25 basis lower than repo rate. ( I hope I answered correctly)

Lady:- Then lady asked have you read SARFAESI Act?
Me:- Its securitization and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest act, 2002. By the time main member seemed very satisfied, he said good good. Puri taiyari ke sath aaye ho.

Main member 1:- In case you get selected in BOI, you won’t get Surat. Your family life will be disbursed. Your husband might be into private job.
Me:- Yes Sir, he works in Essar Steels. But mobility is not an issue. He is very supportive. He took leaves just for my this day and sitting outside. I desperately want my banking career back because in a span of five years, I could learn only a small part of banking and now I want to enhance my banking knowledge.

M1:- So have you appeared for any other interview also?
Me:- Yes Sir

M1 :- Which bank?
Me:- Sir, Union Bank of India

M1:- So you were not selected? Why?
Me:- Sir marks were not disclosed, neither the cut off. So I could not introspect what went wrong. They might be looking for working candidates but I got relieved last year. It was of scale 2. (He seemed happy)

M1:- So you are 1988 born, it’s the last chance for you?
Me:- Yes Sir, next month I am turning thirty.

Then lady asked whats the time limit under Safaesi act by which aggrieved party can file a case against the creditors.
Me:- Ma’am he has to do within 45 days.

Lady:- No no, no such time limit. If bank has taken possession, even then he can file a suit?
(By the time main member had hinted to end the conversation and started ok ok thanks. I was still replying to Madam that I’ll again check regarding this ma’am)

I got up from my seat. They all were smiling. They offered me toffees and I happily picked one. I thanked each and every one and came out of room.

Observation:- Always look confident and smile. Even if your 1-2 answers go wrong, don’t worry they correct you. Listen as if you are willing to learn more. Go with full preparation and practice to speak loudly before appearing.

Note- Anyone who wants to share the Interview Experience with us can

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