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Latest Pattern English for IBPS PO/Clerk/Indian Bank(September 14, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,
English Section is very important to score better in Banking and other competitive exams. Now a day, the pattern of questions asked in this section are very lengthy and thus, time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Here is another set of Questions to improve your speed and practice. Make most of it.

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each of the following question’s a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent (coherent means logically complete and sound).

1. In terms of effectiveness, the demonetisation move undoubtedly prevents further circulation of existing counterfeit currency in the two demonetised denominations (Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000) _________. More importantly, the size of this problem was small to start with (around 0.025 per cent of all notes in circulation, according to recent Indian Statistical Institute estimates). The move also doesn’t do anything to punish the originators of fake money.

1) How effective has demonetisation been in dealing with black money and corruption?
2) As pointed out by many, both black money and corruption are flow concepts.
3) However, it doesn’t necessarily eradicate the problem since counterfeiters will be hard at work, trying to replicate the new notes.
4) The low usage of digital payment methods in India is largely because of widespread financial exclusion and the absence of reliable digital infrastructure.
5) Black wealth is a stock that reflects all past creation of black money, cash being just one of several ways of holding it.

2. ___________. Since ancient times, medics have relied on their sense of smell to help them work out what is wrong with their patients. Fruity odours in the breath, for example, let them monitor the condition of diabetics. Foul ones assist the diagnosis of respiratory-tract infections.

1) One of a doctor’s most valuable tools is his nose.
2) But doctors can, as it were, smell only what they can smell.
3) The idea behind Dr Haick’s invention is not new.
4) To deal with this limitation Hossam Haick, a chemical engineer at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, has developed a device which, he claims, can do work that the human nose cannot.
5) The combined changes generated an electrical fingerprint that, the researchers hoped, would be diognostic of the disease a patient was suffering from.

3. Within hours of the Brexit referendum last summer David Cameron had resigned, and within three weeks Theresa May had succeeded him as prime minister. The speed of her ascent to power, on July 13th 2016, without a general election meant that Mayism was never spelt out in any manifesto or endorsed by the electorate. _________. Not only would she make a success of Brexit, she would also set in motion a sea-change in social mobility to correct the “burning injustices” faced by the downtrodden, and reshape “the forces of liberalism and globalisation.”

1) Her allies talked of an epochal moment, comparable to Margaret Thacher’s break with the past in 1979.
2) Yet after half a year in office there is strikingly little to show for this May revolution.
3) The feeble condition of the Labour opposition gave Mrs May control of a one-party state.
4) Yet the new prime minister soon made clear the scale of her ambition for Britain.
5) Mrs May built a reputation of dogged competence during six years at the Home Office.

4. On November 7, 2016 the government advised the RBI that to mitigate the triple problems of counterfeiting terrorist financing and black money, the Central Board of the RBI may consider withdrawal of the legal tender status of the notes in high denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000. It was advised in that letter that cash has been a facilitator of black money since transactions made in cash do not leave any audit trail ________. They also observed that in the last five years, there has been an increase in the circulation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes with an increasing incidence of counterfeiting of these notes.

1) Hence, the government has recommended that the withdrawal of the legal tender character of these notes is apposite.
2) The Central Board of the RBI met on November 8, 2016 to consider the government’s advice.
3) There have been widespread reports of the usage of the Fake Indian Currency Notes for financing of terrorism and drug financing.
4) Elimination of black money will eliminate the long shadow of the ghost economy and will be positive for India’s growth outlook.
5) It was considered that the action as proposed by the government would result in non-availability of these denominations for the public for transaction and store of value purposes.

5. Is ‘cashless’ the right option for India or ‘less-cash’? Even if we play with semantics and say that meaning of cashless is zero cash and is the ideal state for India, we have to necessarily embrace less-cash options as the starting point of the journey to attain that Nirvana state of ‘cashless’. And, it must begin in the payment space. Cash or currency is the easiest and most-practised forms of exchange of value. ________. This helps devise appropriate solutions and fast-track adoption.

1) How much you have is quickly known by counting the currency.
2) In traditional mode, you buy a product or service, and pay by cash or using the card.
3) For our purpose, especially in the demonetised era, let us focus on new e payments as tools to substitute cash so that we achieve ‘less-cash’ state.
4) Adhaar–enabled payment system, especially the merchant payments system, is set to revolutionise this space, especially the payment space in rural India.
5) To reduce its usage, one has to understand the characteristics of the users, uses and the ecosystem.


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