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Must do English for IBPS PO/Clerk/SO/SEBI/Canara Bank (Based on Latest Pattern)(November 9, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,
English Section is very important to score better in Banking and other competitive exams. Now a day, the pattern of questions asked in this section are very lengthy and thus, time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Here is another set of Questions to improve your speed and practice. Make most of it.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Five statements are given below, labelled 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Among these four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

1. Choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. As per the National Youth Policy, 2014, all young persons in the age group 15-29 years constitute youth population which is a diverse group with varying needs, aspiration and requirements.
  2. The youths as per 2011 Census comprise 28 per cent of the population contributing about 34 per cent of India’s Gross National Income (GNI).
  3. There has been a decline in labour force participation rate for all age groups irrespective of gender and spatial destination.
  4. The contribution of youth to the GDP can be increased by increasing their labour force participation and their productivity.
  5. The need of the hour is to empower youth to achieve their full potential and to enable India to be the leader in supply to skilled labour force.

2. Choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. As per the National Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Policy 2015, India needs to skill 110 million and reskill/upskill 290 million by 2022.
  2. Therefore, mapping aspiration is critical for demand supply match and fulfilling economy requirement.
  3. This mammoth task requires mobilising students and youth across regions for skilling.
  4. The success of a skill training programme depends on how best we are able to mobilise.
  5. In the current scenario, the mobilisation of a candidate is left to the training provider.

3. Choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. The Indian Labour Market shows sectoral, gender and spatial diversity.
  2. Labour market has a preponderance of informal employment (93 per cent) with just about 8 per cent working in the formal sector.
  3. The training requirement of both sectors varies.
  4. The poor division of labour in the informal sector points to lack of skill specialisation and on-the-job learning hampering productivity.
  5. This may also call for migration support centres both in the source and the destination states.

4. Choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. The later phase of liberalisation in India saw the generation of huge offshore opportunity for young talented Indians.
  2. Rising production and labour cost in developed countries persuaded them to search for cheap alternatives and both Indian land and labour came in handy for their needs.
  3. Indian ties with the United Kingdom have always been unprecedented.
  4. Giant American technical companies hired cheap but equally talented Indian technocrats at half the price of American technocrats.
  5. It benefitted the American companies by reducing their costs and increasing the profit.

5. Choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

  1. Yoga is popular worldwide now.
  2. It has crossed the boundaries of region, religion, caste, creed and nationality.
  3. It is well known worldwide because of its unique and specific role in promotion of health, prevention of illness and its therapeutic role in the management of various lifestyle-related disorders in an effective manner.
  4. Yoga is also a spiritual discipline which focuses on bringing perfect harmony between body and mind.
  5. The present era is known for technological advancement which made our life comfortable.



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