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“Never Confuse a Single Defeat with a Final Defeat”(April 2, 2018)

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“Never Confuse a Single Defeat with a Final Defeat”

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS has already declared the Final Results of 2017-18 IBPS Exams. And All the candidates who managed to reserve a Seat in one Bank or other, we are genuinely happy for them and would like to Congratulate them as well. But at the same time there are also some sad faces who didn’t make it up to the final list. For all those Candidates ! No No, they are not Candidates, for us they are Aspirants i.e, a person who has ambition to achieve something, so, for all those Aspirants, we just want to say that one should never get disheartened by Failure as

“History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed”

There are so many examples and you will be aware of some of them. We are not going to talk about all those facts and figures. We want to just focus on what needs to be done. For other things you are well equipped to do.  

If you will see then you will find that a high proportion of candidates who have appeared for such Exams are those who have been Excellent in their Career Record throughout but when they face Failure, they get demotivated & shattered. They use to start blaming their Luck and think that such Professional Exams are not for them. And this is where they are thinking wrong. You have to accept the fact that IBPS didn’t failed anyone it is just that they have given you one more chance to buckle up and try again. Remember one thing that

“Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.”

So, with this I want to conclude that you should keep chasing your dreams until you achieve them. The most important as well as difficult part is doing your job honestly and consistently. It’s not difficult one, it’s up to you How you view it. Remember always “Attitude matters.” If your attitude is not positive then you are lacking so, think with Positive attitude and if you have Positive attitude then bring more zeal to it. Putting the required effort and working hard is the main and required factor for achieving Success. But there is just one solution, keep on trying, break what you want to accomplish into small parts and do them. When you complete a step you get the motivation of having accomplished something, which makes you want to do more. Have a problem solving attitude and keep on doing it. Let No fear of failure hinders your success. Make sure that the Failure in any Exam in No way hampers your growth for the forthcoming Exams. Always be optimistic and see this as a Beginning of a New Opportunity.

Don’t Wish to get Success without putting Effort as it will not bring the Positive Vibe. So, Put your Best Effort and then you don’t need to Wish. Success will automatically come to You.

There are lots of Exams in queue, so, keep your zeal at the top and give your Best. No one can resist you in Getting you your Ultimate Success.  So, from now onwards, we at BSC4SUCCESS are providing you with lots of Stuff for your preparation by which you can achieve your Ultimate Goal. So, Stay tuned and be focussed. 


We work hard day and night to help you succeed.


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