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Questions Asked in BOI Interview-01(July 26, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,

As Interview of Bank of India Credit Officer is going on since Jun 19, 2018 across different centers all over India. We have got few questions from our various aspirants whosoever had appeared in the Interview process.

Most of the students reported that the Interview is going on for  15 to 20 minutes for each student. There are five members in every panel in which 4 are males and 1 is female. Our aspirants had updated us that Vice-Chairman of BOI is also in the Panel in few Interviews.

Importantly, we must say that most of the questions, which have been asked by the panelist, were from the recent Finance and Economy topics. All of our aspirants, who are going to appear for the Interview in the upcoming days, must have to focus on their CV as well as on their educational background. They need to concentrate on the recent Economy News, most importantly on Finance related topics, like, NPA, PCA, Credit, Fraud in Banks, etc. And nonetheless, they must have a deep knowledge about the Bank of India. We recommend you to go through the history of BOI, vision and mission.

Note – OBC candidates must have to keep their certificate within the specified tenure as mentioned in the Notification.


Educational Qualification – MBA in International Finance

Venue – Ahmedabad

  • What sets you apart from others candidates? (Why we select you for the Job?)
  • Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?
  • Since one of your subjects was International Finance, bank credit was in news recently, what is it?
  • What is loan syndication, consortium and multiple banks?
  • What is LoC?
  • What is LoU?
  • What do you know about the recent PNB Scam?
  • Do you think Ethics has a role in the scams that is happening in banking system?
  • What are the different sources to raise finance if you are an Importer and when you are an Exporter?
  • How will you assess a loan?


  • What is Prime Sector Lending (PSL)?
  • Do you know about the Nayak Committee? Give a brief.
  • How will you process a loan?
  • What makes you a better Credit Officer?


  • Tell us about Yourself.
  • Why you want to join the Banking Sector?
  • What is NPA and How to avoid it?
  • Difference between NCLT and NCALT.


  • If you will be given job in rural area, are you willing to go there?
  • Why NPAs are increasing day-by-day?
  • How will you assess the credit worthiness of borrowers?
  • Charge on asset needs to be mentioned in Insurance policy or not?
  • What is plastic Money?
  • Do you know about Systematically Important Banks? Give brief.
  • If someone came for dairy project how will you analyse his credit worthiness and on which basis you will decide to give loan or not?


Venue – Kolkata

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Personal questions
  • Role of credit officer
  • What is LTV?
  • If any student has already faced a lot of problem in getting study loan and he or she comes to you for getting study loan. You are a credit officer with the bank. How will you assess him or her and do you give study loan?
  • What is balance sheet?
  • What is contingent liability and in which side it appears in the balance sheet?

All the Best to the Aspirants who are going to appear for the Interview in the upcoming days. Prepare well and Give your best.


We work hard day and night to help you succeed.


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