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General Awareness for Railways ALP & Group-D(April 3, 2018)

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General Awareness for Railways ALP & Group-D

1. In a food chain, the solar energy utilized by plants is only
A) 10 per cent
B) 1 per cent
C) 0.1 per cent
D) 0.01 per cent
2. Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of
A) O3layer
B) O2layer
C) SO2layer
D) CO2layer
3. OTEC stands for
A) Ocean Thermal Energy Conservation
B) Oil and Thermal Energy Conservation
C) Oil and Thermal Energy Convention
D) Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
4. What is  the  commonly  used  unit  for measuring the speed of data transmission?
A) Mega Hertz
B) Characters per second
C) Bits per second
D) Nano seconds
5. Which type of reaction produces the most harmful radiation?
A) Fusion reaction
B) Fission reaction
C) Chemical reaction
D) Photo-Chemical reaction
6. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?
A) Pyrex glass
B) Flint glass
C) Quartz glass
D) Fibre glass
7. Which of the following metals causes Itai-itai disease?
A) Cadmium
B) Chromium
C) Cobalt
D) Copper
8. Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it
A) reduces evaporation of petrol
B) increases efficiency of petrol
C) prevents freezing of petrol
D) reduces consumption of petrol
9. Who invented penicillin?
A) Alexander Fleming
B) Louis Pasteur
C) Dreser
D) Edward Jenner
10. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in
A) Russia
B) Qatar
C) France
D) Netherlands
11. Who discovered South Pole?
A) Robert Peary
B) Amundsen
C) John Cabot
D) Tasman
12. Which of the following folk dances is associated with Rajasthan?
A) Rauf
B) Jhora
C) Veedhi
D) Suisini


1. C
2. A
3. A      
4. C
5. B
6. D
7. A      
8. C     
9. A      
10. A
11. B     
12. D    


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