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Success Story of Deepanjan Das(May 7, 2016)

3 years ago 2 comments

Success Story of Deepanjan Das

Deepanjan Edited Photo


(ii) Father’s name : Pabitra Kumar Das   

(iii) Date of birth : 11th December 1989

(iv) Residential address : ‘Uttarayan’ , Flat No. A/3, West Narshing Road , Ambicapatty, Silchar,

Assam Pin – 788004

(v) Email id : ddeepanjan11@gmail.com

(vi) Educational qualifications : BTech (Automobile) , MBA (Marketing)

(vii) Final selection : Specialist Officer (Marketing) : BANK OF BARODA

Assistant : BANK OF INDIA


Probationary Officer : Reserved List.

(i) How did you prepare for the Written Exam

For written exam attended BSC Coaching Centre , Guwahati, from May to August , 2015 (3 months course) which helped me a lot in understanding the procedures and short cuts ,  necessary for increasing speed and accuracy. After that , I did self study from the materials provided by BSC and sat for mock tests to increase my speed and accuracy.

(ii) How would you advise others to prepare for the Written Exam?

For future banking aspirants I would like to advise them not to try to learn all the topics from all sections rather to be selective in choosing their favourite topics in which they are better & more comfortable and practice regularly so as to acquire a masterly skill in those topics as in my humble opinion , It’s utter foolishness to be a jack of all topics in Banking exams in which only Speed + Accuracy matters

Try to become a master in topics like  :-

Maths :-  Data Interpretation , Simplification , Number Series, don’t go for lengthy problem sums part.

Reasoning :- Syllogism , Coding-Decoding , Blood Relations , Input Output , puzzles.

English :- Comprehension, Close Test, Double blanks, Fillers , spotting the errors.

GK and Banking Awareness : – BSC Magazines are more than enough , BankersAdda GK Capsule , GkToday (for practising)  ,AffairsCloud (extra).

Computer :- Arihant’s Computer Awareness Book.

Marketing Aptitude :– Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management Book (any edition) plus Kotler’s MCQ’s

Good Luck to all the Future Banking Aspirants ………..Try Try and Try………Don’t complaint,  just keep trying. 🙂 

(iii) How did you prepare for the Interview?

For interviews , prepared a list of Banking question which are frequently asked in Banking Interviews and wrote my own answers for those by taking help from various websites, available in the Internet. Moreover, prepared a list of HR questions also which are asked in the interviews (e.g .Why do you want to join bank , Why banking after engineering ? etc etc ).

(iv) What questions were you asked in the Interview?

My Marketing Officer Interview experience :-

UBI Towers, Kolkata

14/03/2016,  Panel IV,  08:30 AM

6 interviewers…4 Males , 2 Females

M1 :- Introduce yourself.

M1 :- Why MBA after engineering? Why didn’t you join any Automobile company after engineering?

M2 :- Why did you leave your  job?

F1 :- In which post you were working?

What was your salary there?

What we’re your job responsibilities?

How many years did you work there?

M3 :- Why didn’t you mention your work experience in the application form?

M4 :- What is your father? Is he still working? What was his designation in SBI? What did he say about the working environment in banks?

F2 :- What are your hobbies?

So,  riding bikes and traveling are your hobbies…… Which bike do you ride?

Do you participate in any bike racing competition? Would you join any bike racing club if you get a chance?

M1 :- Travelling is also your hobby….. Which states of India you didn’t travel? Did you ever go for hiking? I think you travel by train the most so tell me full form of PNR.

M3 :- Why did you choose ECGC as your first preference? Tell me the full form of ECGC?  Do you know the functions of ECGC?

F1 :- Ever heard of CRISIL?  What is the difference between CRISIL and ECGC? Why do you think credit rating is necessary ?Being a student of Marketing you don’t like public interactions… Why?

M2 :- Name a few banking products.

How many types of account are there?

M4 :- As a Marketing Officer which type of accounts would you like to sell the most  in order to maximize the profit?

What is the difference between current account deposit and fixed deposit? Which one is more profitable for banks and why?

M2 :- What is balance sheet? In which side liabilities are shown in the balance sheet?

M1 :- Where is hometown? Are you willing to relocate? Will you work in Mumbai / Kerala / TN / J&k?

OK Thank You. You may leave now.

(Based on  memory)

(v) What was the attitude of the Interview board?

The attitude of the panel members was friendly.  They tried their best to calm myself with a smile all the time . Though one or two of them posed a bit tough for a while but that was done to test my calmness & ability to handle the situation ; overall they were good. They just tried to extract the best from me & also to ascertain my interest in the banking sector

(vi) What was the medium of your Interview? Does medium make any difference?

The whole medium of my interview was in English only.

Of Course, medium makes a difference as we are more comfortable with our mother tongue. However , It’s not expected that the panel members will take interview in your mother tongue in Specialist Officer Examination . So fluency in English is also a must to score good marks in interviews.

(vii) How would you advise others to prepare for the Interview?

In Interviews,  confidence is the key to success . Lack of it gives rise to nervousness coupled with anxiety which not only hampers one’s ability to think clearly but robs himself of the power of expressing explicitly whatever he knows  and thus results in confused answers. So, preparing well for the interview is of utmost importance . To this end one is to prepare well interview questions , frame one’s answers and also practice mock interviews by answering the various banking questions by looking at the mirror and thus be well prepared before facing any banking interviews. Such exercises will boost up one’s self confidence level which is the key to success..

(viii) What contribution did BSC make to your success?

BSC taught me the basics of banking exams. It taught me how to prepare well for banking exams by providng ample number of materials that are badly needed to crack the bank exams. 

(ix) What would you advise the readers of BSC magazine?

BSC magazines consists of more than sufficient uptodate informations about current affairs and banking awareness that are required to crack the bank exams. If someone simply prepares from BSC magazines he would be able to have ample knowledge about banking and current affairs and would be skilled enough to crack any bank exam.

(x) What suggestions do you have for BSC magazine?

Being a resident of small town I would like to have the BSC magazines available on online too as it is very difficult to get the magazines in time before exams in small towns and villages.

(xi) What suggestions do you have for your BSC centre (if you were a student of BSC Academy)?

It would be better if BSC tries to recruit permenant faculties for their Guwahati centre as it is very difficult to cope with the new teachers who keep on changing after every 15/20 days. 

(xii) Who would you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to my hard work and dedication as well as to my family. I push myself very hard and my family has always pushed me to succeed.


We work hard day and night to help you succeed.


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