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Important Vocabs for Competitive Exams(July 14, 2018)

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Dear Aspirants,

Continuing our best effort, we at Bsc4Success come up with a new initiative, which will not only boost your preparation for the Upcoming Examinations but also helps you in making your Vocabulary strong, christened as “Exclusive Important Vocabs for Competitive Exams”. This new initiative is launched to take care of Our Aspirants preparation so that they can perform well in English section as well.

Eminently questionable

Poor optics mars an otherwise creditable endeavour in the higher education space

The status of Indian Institutes of Technology as institutions of nerdy (characterised by an obsessive interest in something, especially technology) eminence has been internationally validated for many years now. That persons of Indian origin today head Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, among many other Fortune 500 companies, is ample (sufficient) testimony (proof) to the robustness (the quality or condition of being strong and in good condition) at the core of India’s system of higher education. And, yet, in the global rankings of world universities, Indian campuses seldom make it into the top 200, largely due to an inadequate emphasis on securing an international profile — both in terms of faculty and students — and poor research-focused performance. Some of this is, of course, attributable to (regarded as being caused by) the cumbersome (heavy and difficult to comply with) regulations that tie down these institutions. Additionally, an inability to think big, and insufficient funds to scale up (to make something larger in size), are often cited as compelling reasons that inhibit (restrain)  Indian universities from reaching for the stars.

Given this scenario, the recent endeavour of the Centre to identify ‘Institutions of Eminence’ with an eye on building world-class teaching and research institutions is eminently worthy of commendation. It reflects a rare ability on the government’s part to look far out into the future, and to dare to dream big, in an area that has typically been characterised by short-termism (an excessive focus on short-term results at the expense of long-term interests). The Centre’s willingness to ease regulatory oversight of such institutions, including on matters relating to the appointment of foreign faculty and the framing of curriculum is a radical change indeed.

And, yet, the HRD Ministry’s final selection of six Institutions of Eminence — three each in the public and private spaces — has been clouded over by a wholly avoidable controversy. In particular, its choice of the Reliance-promoted Jio Institute, an entity that for now exists only in name, has stoked (incited) justifiable outrage. In its defence, the Ministry cites that Jio Institute was chosen in the “greenfield” category, and that one of the critical considerations that weighed in its favour was the size of the promoters’ networth and their capacity to creatively disrupt the industries they operate in. Howsoever persuasive these arguments are, it is hard to dispel (make disappear) the notion that the goalposts have been set up in a way that privileges an industrial group that is perceived to be proximate (closest in relationship) to the ruling dispensation (a political system prevailing at a particular time). The fact that a senior bureaucrat who worked on the proposal later joined Reliance and participated in the Jio Institute’s presentation before the Empowered Expert Committee (EEC), reinforces these disquieting perceptions. A creditable endeavour (an attempt to achieve a goal) in the space of higher learning has thus been tainted (contaminated) by the poor optics (the way in which an event or course of action is perceived by the public) of the exercise.

Source – The Hindu BusinessLine

1. Nerdy (Adjective) – characterised by an obsessive interest in something, especially technology (बुद्धिमान)

2. Ample (Adjective) – Sufficient (पर्याप्त)

Synonyms – Enough, Adequate, Plenty of, Abundant, More than enough, Enough and to spare, Suitable, Satisfactory, Passable, Allowable, Tolerable, Plenty, Decent

Antonyms – Cramped, Insignificant, Lacking, Limited, Little, Narrow, Poor, Rare, Restricted, Scarce, Short, Small, Sparse, Unimportant, Wanting, Insufficient, not enough

3. Testimony (Noun) – Proof (साक्ष्य)

Synonyms – Affidavit, Deposition, Evidence, Testament, Witness, Affirmation, Attestation, Avowal, Confirmation, Corroboration

Antonyms – Denial, Opposition, Veto

4. Robustness (Noun) – The quality or condition of being strong and in good condition (मजबूती)

Synonyms – Clout, Endurance, Exuberance, Spunk, Verve, Vigor, Ardor, Audacity, Bloom

Antonyms – Apathy, Enervation, Inactivity, Lack, Laziness, Lethargy, Weakness, Dullness, Idleness, Incompetence, Timidity

5. Attributable to (Phrase) – Regarded as being caused by something

6. Cumbersome (Adjective) – Heavy and difficult to comply with (बोझिल)

Synonyms – Bulky, Burdensome, Embarrassing, Heavy, Inconvenient, Ponderous, Tiresome, Unwieldy

Antonyms – Aiding, Convenient, Helpful, Light, Small, Unburdensome

7. To scale up (Phrase) – To make something larger in size

8. Inhibit (Verb) – To Restrain (रोकना)

Synonyms – Constrain, Curb, Discourage, Forbid, Hinder, Impede, Obstruct, Outlaw, Prohibit, Restrain, Stymie, Suppress

Antonyms – Aid, Allow, Assist, Encourage, Facilitate, Forward, Permit, Promote, Push, Release, Support, Approve

9. short-termism – An excessive focus on short-term results at the expense of long-term interests

10. Stoke (Verb) – To incite (और बढ़ाना)

Synonyms – Feed, Stir, Poke, Tend

11. Dispel (Verb) – To make something disappear (हटाना)

Synonyms – Allay, Chase away, Dismiss, Disperse, Dissipate, Eliminate, Resolve

Antonyms – Accept, Collect, Gather, Keep, Welcome, Allow, Hold, Permit, Accumulate, Garner

12. Proximate (Adjective) – Closest in relationship (निकटस्थ)

Synonyms – Direct, Forthcoming, Imminent, Near

13. Dispensation (Noun) – A political system prevailing at a particular time (व्यवस्था)

Synonyms – System, Order, Scheme, Plan, Arrangement, Organisation

14. Endeavour (Noun) – An attempt to achieve a goal (प्रयास)

Synonyms – Aim, Effort, Struggle, Undertaking, Venture

Antonyms – Idleness, Inactivity, Passivity, Laziness

15. Taint (Verb) – Contaminate (ख़राब)

Synonyms – Pollute, Adulterate, Infect, Blight, Befoul, Spoil, Soil, Ruin, Destroy

Antonyms – Advantage, Benefit, Blank, Esteem, Honor, Respect, Strength

16. Optics (Noun) – The way in which an event or course of action is perceived by the public (प्रकाशिकी)

Synonyms – Perception, View

Antonyms – Actuality, Fact, Reality



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