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English Questions Asked in IBPS PO Pre 2017(October 13, 2017)

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Dear Aspirants,

We all know that the IBPS PO Pre 2017 Exam kicked off so, some of our Ardent Readers has shared few English Questions asked in IBPS PO Pre 2017, so, we are sharing those Questions (Based on Memory) with all of you.

Phrase Replacement:

Q. A human rights group is urging the nearly one million US citizens who live in Mexico to vote in hopes of keeping Republican Trump out of the White House.

(I) to be hopeful of getting the US President Trump back.

(II) to be hopeful of showing the US President way out of the President house.

(III) to be positive about voting out the US President.

1. Only (I) is correct

2. Only (II) is correct

3. Both (II) and (III) are correct (Ans)

4. None is correct

5. All are correct

Q. The trade minister of Australia will lead the country’s first business delegation to visit Iran in 14 years after sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program were eased.

(I) the rules and regulations of nuclear program of Tehran were made easy

(II) the rules and regulations of nuclear program of Tehran were made hard

(III) the norms with regard to nuclear program of Tehran were made more flexible and viable

1. Only (I) is correct

2. Only (II) is correct

3. Both (I) and (III) are correct (Ans)

4. None is correct

5. All are correct

Error Detection:

Directions: Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

Q. The Monsoon Session of the Lok Sabha was adjourned (1)/ sine die after 19 sittings that saw the passage of 14 legislations, (2)/ including the Banking Bill, and the suspension of six Congress members (3)/ for “high unbecoming” behaviour.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 4; Replace high with highly.

Q. A leader virtually countered the Prime Minister saying that (1)/ the contributions of not only the poor, but also well-by persons (2)/ like Nehru who gave up their riches for the freedom struggle, (3)/ cannot be forgotten.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 2; Replace well-by persons with well-off persons.

Q. The Election Commission was yet to take a call on (1)/ when the Lok Sabha by-poll would be hold as the  security scenario (2)/ in the Jammu and Kashmir district there was (3)/ not considered conducive.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 2; Replace would be hold with would be held

Q. A bill to repeal 131 redundant laws, (1)/ including the one dealing with transfer of money deposits of people (2)/ to Pakistan who had leave India after the partition,(3)/ was introduced in Lok Sabha.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 3; who had leave India with who had left India

Q. The Centre is looking at doubling (1)/ the nuclear power generation capacity to about 14,000 MW, (2)/ Union minister said that even he has (3)/ ruled out its becoming the main source of energy for the country.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 3; Add the before Union minister 

Q. Over 200 Kashmiri students in a private university (1)/ were allegedly forced to leave the varsity hostel as the institute (2)/ did not received the scholarship amount provided to (3)/ them by the central government.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 3; Replace did not received with did not receive 

Q. Senior army officials from India and China held (1)/ a flag meeting at Nathu La mountain pass in Sikkim (2)/ and extensively discussed the Doklam standoff (3)/ but the “deliberations remained inconclusive”.(4)/ No Error (5)

Ans: 5


Q. A good monsoon, _____ and timely decision making at the Centre will definitely push India’s growth ______ the 8 per cent mark in subsequent quarters of this fiscal.

1. reform, blurred

2. reunite, exasperated

3. reforms, beyond (Ans)

4. implore, far

5. revive, sicest


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