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Must Do Data Interpretation for SBI/IBPS/CWC/FCI Exams (Based on Pipe & Cistern)

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Dear Aspirants,
Numerical Ability or Quantitative Aptitude Section is very important to get the best score in Banking and other competitive exams. Now a day, the questions asked in this section are calculative and time-consuming. Once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section will definitely award you the maximum marks in the examination. Here is another set of Questions to improve your speed and practice. Make most of it.

Directions (Q.1-5) : Study the following graph carefully to answer the given questions.

Time taken by the pipes to fill a tank/cistern (hours/minutes)

Q.1: Two pipes G and H are opened and when the tank is 1/3 full a leak is developed due to which water supplied by the pipe leaks out. What is the total time to fill the tank ?

1: 25/3 minutes

2: 40/3 minutes

3: 15 minutes

4: 50/3 minutes

5: None of these

Q.2: Two pipes C and D can fill a cistern. If they are opened on alternate minutes and if pipe C is opened first, in how many minutes will the tank be full ?

1: 6 minutes

2: 8 minutes

3: 4 minutes

4: 3 minutes

5: None of these

Q.3: Three pipes R, P and Q can fill the tank. R can fill the tank 5 minutes less than that of Q. If all the pipes are opened together and pipes Q is turned off 5 minutes before the tank is filled. Then find the time in which the tank will full ?

1: 30/11

2: 45/11

3: 60/11

4: 42/11

5: None of these

Q.4: A large cistern can be filled by two pipes P and Q. How many minutes will it take to fill the cistern from an empty state if Q is used for half the time and P and Q fill it together for the other half ?

1: 6 minutes

2: 9 minutes

3: 7.5 minutes

4: 5.5 minutes

5: None of these

Q.5: A waste pipe W can carry off 12 litre of water per minute. If all the pipes I, J and W are opened when the tank is full and it takes one hour to empty the tank. Find the capacity of the tank ?

1: 45 litres

2: 90 litres

3: 30 litres

4: 60 litres

5: None of these

Detailed Solution:

  1. 2
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
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