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Reasoning Questions Asked in IBPS PO Pre

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Dear Aspirants,

We all know that the IBPS PO Pre 2017 Exam kicked off so, some of our Ardent Readers has shared few Reasoning Questions asked in IBPS PO Pre 2017, so, we are sharing those Questions (Based on Memory) with all of you.


8 persons namely S,T,U,V,W,X,Y and Z are sitting around a circular table. Some of the persons are facing towards the center and some are facing outside.

V sits 3rd to the left of T. There are 2 persons sitting between V and Y. S sits 2nd to the right of Y. Z is an immediate neighbor of S. 3 persons are sitting between Z and W. Immediate neighbors of W are facing same direction. X is facing outside. V is not an immediate neighbor of Y. V and Y are facing opposite direction. Immediate neighbors of V are facing opposite direction. W and Z are facing same direction as U. U sits 3rd to the right of X.


Seven person A, B, C, D, E, F G likes seven colours. Yellow White Red Orange Blue Gray Black. They visit in different days starting from Monday to Sunday

  • A visits one day after Thursday.
  • Only 4 people are in between A and B
  • The one who likes Red colour visits immediately after B.
  • Only one person visit between Red and Blue
  • The one who like white colour visit before one of days on which day C visits
  • The one who like white colour does not visit on Monday.
  • Only 1 person is in between D and E. D like Yellow.
  • There are same as many person in between A and Blue colour which are one less in between B and C.
  • Neither G nor F likes Black.
  • G does not visit on Saturday and not like grey colour .


There are some persons in a row. All are facing North. P sits fifth from the extreme right end. There are three persons between P and Q. T sits immediate left of Q. R sits sixth from the left of Q. S sits immediate right of R. There are three persons between S and V. As many persons between R and V are same as between R and W. Only two persons sis between Q and Y.


J, K, L, M, N, O and P are seven different boxes of different colours i.e. Brown, Orange, Silver, Pink, Yellow, White and Green but not necessarily in the same order.
Box which is of Brown colour is immediately above J. There are only two box between M and the box which is of Brown colour. Box which is of Silver colour is above M but not immediately above M. Only three box are between L and the box which is of Silver colour.
The box which is of Green colour is immediately above L. The box which is of Pink colour is immediately above the box G. Only one box is there between K and N. Box K is above N. Neither box K nor J is of Yellow colour. J is not of orange colour.


Seven person Rajesh, Sandeep, Deepak, Vineet, Rahul, Amit and Puneet all are living in a building on ground floor, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floor. All are going outside from the building in a week i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Not necessarily in the same order). Only one person goes outside from the building in a day.

Rahul lives on second floor and goes outside on Tuesday. Sandeep and Deepak are not lives immediately above or below Rahul and go outside on Friday and Thursday respectively. Puneet lives on sixth floor and does not goes outside on Monday or Wednesday. Two persons live between the floor of Deepak and Amit. Rajesh lives immediately above or below of Amit and goes outside on Sunday. Deepak lives just below Sandeep’s floor. Vineet does not go outside on Monday


Q. Statements: All remarks are feedbacks. Some feedbacks are words. No word is a digit.

Conclusion: I. Some Feedbacks are definitely not digits.

II. All digits being feedbacks is a possibility.

Q. Conclusion: I. All remarks being words is a possibility

II. At least some remarks are digits.

Q. Statements: Some files are boxes. All boxes are carton. No carton is a plastic.

Conclusion: I. No file is a plastic.

II. Some files are plastics.

Q. Statements: Some desks are chairs. Some chairs are seats. No seat is a table.

Conclusion: I. All desks can never be table

II. Some chains are definitely not tables.

Q. Statements: All routes are ways. All ways are paths. Some ways are bridges.

Conclusion: I. At least some bridges are routes.

II. All routes being bridge is a possibility.


Q. L>I=N>P;I≥R>K;N≤E<Z

(i) E>P   (ii) R<L

Q. S>A=N≥D; A≥L>E; M≤L≤D

(i) S>E   (i) L<S

Q. P≥V≥R<=E<Y; G≥E>N

(i)P>N   (ii) G≥Y

Q. L>I=N>P; I≥R>K;   N≤E<Z

(i) K>N   (ii) I<Z

We will add more Questions as soon as we get the same.

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