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Revised Magical Book Series English is Easy by Chetananand Singh

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We have come up with the New & Exclusive Book, “Magical Book Series English is Easy”, the author for which is – Mr. Chetananand Singh. Yes, you heard right your renowned book, which is so dear to the generations of readers, has been published in a new format and with the lots of addition of latest questions.

English! The section of competitive examinations which troubles you the most and you find it difficult to score. 
No Need to Worry!!
Here comes to your rescue, the latest edition of “Magical Book Series English is Easy” (Fully Revised & Enlarged Edition).
English is Easy, If you follow this book.”

Dear Aspirants,

BSC is always with you all in every corner of your life and always there with you for providing the best study materials, motivating you all and nonetheless of course mentoring too. These are three M’s of BSC (Material, Motivation and Mentoring). We are always there with you all to help in getting your skills sharpened. Addressing the same, after launching the revised edition of Magical Book on Quicker Maths and Magical Book Series Analytical Reasoning, we have again come up with the Revised Edition of our renowned book i.e; Magical Book Series English is Easy authored by Chetananand Singh. Yes, you heard right your renowned book, which has been so dear to the generations of readers, has been published in enlarged edition with the lots of addition of latest questions. 

If you wish to improve English then you need a proper guidance. Even a burning desire can’t be sustained in the absence of proper infrastructure. This book is a guide to reading. Once equipped with the basics, you are your own master. This book lays the foundation. To erect the building is your job.

Questions in competitive exams have changed quite a lot over the past few years. Being the pioneer in English-based competitive exams, it was incumbent upon us to guide the students in the changed environment. Hence the Third Edition of the book that has been so dear to generations of readers is launched. 

In this edition of the book, a new exercise has been added to “Sentence Arrangement”. Two new chapters have been added: one is on “Completion of Passage” and the other is on “Combining Sentences”. A number of passages in “Practice Exercises” in the Reading Comprehension section had become outdated and have therefore been substituted. 

Hope the readers will bless this effort with their continued love and patronage. This will definitely help you all in getting good score in all the competitive examinations, if you follow this book.

The book is christened as, “Magical Book Series English is Easy”. The Book is available at your nearest bookstores as well as on our Website- https:/www.bsccareer.com. All of you can buy the Book @Rs. 290 either from our Website or from Market. This will surely help you to crack all the acclaimed Examinations. 

Get it from our Website: CLICK HERE

Note- Magical Book on Quicker Maths is available @Rs. 232 on our Website. 

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